Do You Have The SNEAKY Suspicion That There Is Something Missing With Your Horse's Nutrition?
Find Out The Answers Horse Owners are Desperately Seeking WITHOUT BUYING More Supplements 


Are You Concerned That Your Horse is, or may become Obese, Develop Cushings, or has ever become lame without being worked very hard?

While all of these issues may not be linked there is one common thing that can produce any or all of these symptoms and horse owners do it believing that they are helping their horse.

PS: I Promise This is NOT another supplement offer but a lifeline to your horse in a world where there are just too many companies telling you what to put in your horse's mouth next. 

Dr Tucker Will Reveal The ONE Thing EVERY Horse Owner Needs To Know In This Next Video

Geoff Tucker DVM

Geoff has spent a lifetime with horses, even before vet school Geoff learned invaluable horsemanship skills on the farm. After working as a barn manager on a thoroughbred training facility with over 200 horses Geoff then went on to Cornell University graduating in 1984 and immediately starting practice on the day of his graduation! 

Geoff is also a published author of several books that entertain and inform horsemen through stories including: Since The Days of The Romans, True and Incredible Stories of a Horse Vet, and The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Horsemanship

Being a Horseman AND a Veterinarian is what has compelled Geoff to help educate horse owners in an age where horsemanship appears to be taking a backseat and common sense is anything but common. 

Dr Tucker is giving away this one tip every horse owner needs to know because he truly believes in helping your horse live a better life while giving you some information that can save you money every month!
Geoff Tucker DVM
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